Hey, I’m Alexander. I am a course creator

I produce online courses that teach students about cyber security and web development.


My courses have been taken by more than 60,000 students from over 100 different countries. My courses have also been taken by employees of some of the most popular and prestigious companies in the world including Ernst & Young and Airbnb.


Besides being an online instructor, I am also a YouTuber, affiliate marketer, public speaker  and world traveler.


My cyber security academy. Here students and employees of various companies take my courses on cyber security. I currently have 5 courses with 2 more planned to be released soon.
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A simple blog where I write articles on WordPress development. I earn some money from this blog solely by affiliate marketing.
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My first and most successful venture thus far. I currently have 13 courses on this platform and more than 55,000 students have enrolled from over 100 different countries.
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My very own personal web development academy. Here students can enroll in any of my 12 web development courses.
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Similar to Udemy but with a different earning structure. I currently have nearly 1000 students enrolled in my courses on this platform.
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My primary source of traffic to my websites. I currently have over 20,000 subscribers and hoping to reach 50,000 soon.
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